AS a marketer, Prospection is an obligation. Prospection refers to the search and acquisition of new customer/buyers for your product or service. However, getting these prospects to become actual buyers is never easy.

You are always faced with objections and handling these objections is not a cup of tea. This article highlights 5 types of customer objections marketers are likely to face during prospection. It equally goes further to suggest strategies on how to handle these customer objections.

The Flat No Objection


This is the type of objection where just from the beginning of your presentation, the prospect already gives a definite NO answer. He or she has no interest in the product or service and does not give you the room to show him/her the benefits your product/services can offer.


Overcoming such an objection and changing the person’s mind is usually difficult. With such a prospect, the best thing to do is let them be. They already have a negative mindset and lack of interest towards your offer.

The Didn’t Fit Objection


This is a type of objection where the prospect once used the product or services but didn’t get the satisfaction they expected. This is the worst type of objection you can get from a customer.  Getting someone to try a product or service for the first time is easier than convincing someone who has had a bad experience with the product to trust it again. There’s nothing worse than an unsatisfied customer


The customer might get a bad experience as a result of using your product/service or that of your competitor.

When the bad experience is as a result of using that of your competitor, make them understand the value and benefits of using your product over those of your competitors. You can go an extra mile to offer them a free product or service. When customers get a free offer and it meets their expectation, they will likely buy from you.

When the bad experience is as result of using your product. Tell them the improved qualities of the new product. Make them understand that due to numerous customer dissatisfaction, your company took the challenge of improving quality to further meet their needs and expectations. Equally give them a free offer to experience the change in the quality of the product or service you offer.

One Important point to note, always gather feedback. It will help you in your next objection handling situation.

The too Expensive Objection


This is the most common reason prospects always give for not being able to make a purchase. Your offer is good but the price is too high. I can’t afford that amount right now and many others.

With such an objection, there’s hope of closing a sale. The prospect shows interest in your product/service but due to price, they can’t make a purchase.


With such an objection, do not immediately lower the value of your offer by lowering your price. It gives the impression that your offer was not worth the price you first mentioned, all you wanted was to land a high sale. You can handle such an objection by;

.Outlining the Benefits of your offer compared to that of competitors

.Offering a payment plan. Like install mental payments instead of bulk payment

.Make them a combination offer by adding an extra product/ service to the original  product. For instance, if you’re trying to sell a pair of shoe, you may offer a shoe  polish for free to accompany the purchase. 

The Not At the Time Objection


With this form of rejection, the customer has a little interest but has no use for the product at the moment. There is high possibility of a future purchase if the marketer plays her part well.


Handling such an objection is quite the easiest of all. All you need to do is request for the prospects contact, maybe email or phone. The purpose for this is to send reminder emails, SMS or phone calls to the prospect to secure a position for your product or service.

Note: Make sure you have the prospect’s permission and approval to send these messages and mails. Without this, the prospect may sue you for harassment or privacy intrusion. In order words, tell them your purpose for collecting their contacts.

The W’ve Already Got A supplier Objection


This type of objection is not also easy to overcome especially if the customer is being given a lot of benefits by his current supplier. Most people are adamant to change and prefer to stick to the current which satisfies them rather than trying new ones which might disappoint them.


How to overcome such an objection requires a lot of effort and research.  You can go further by researching on the current supplier, what they offer and why the customer prefers them. Once all this information is gotten, make an offer, a unique sales proposition that differentiates your product or service from that of your competitor. These may include

  • After sale services like maintenance and delivery
  • Free staff training on the use of your product or service

In conclusion, objection during prospection is inevitable. With the right strategy implemented and adequate feedback collected, you can turn a doubtful prospect to a loyal customer.




how much money does your startup initially need to raise



When creating a startup, problems can stop you from turning your Vision into success.

Most of the challenges in startups relate back to doing the little things right. Like any good coach has said at some point: “The fundamentals get you to the top”.  


Wikipedia defines a start up as “an entrepreneurial venture which is typically a newly emerged,

Fast-growing business that aims to meet a marketplace need by developing or offering an innovative product, process or service”.

An entrepreneur is a person who sees a business opportunity and starts it with the objective of meeting the needs of people, taking risks to keep the business going while making money in the process if possible.

For a startup to succeed in every market place, it needs intense marketing. However, getting your startup noticed doesn’t need to cause and arm or a leg.


These 6 tools will help you to successfully market your startup in a fun filled way.


A Logo


A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbols commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. A logo is intended to be the “face of the company” which anchors the company’s brand and becomes the single most visible manifestation of the company. When designing your company Logo, it should accord with your company brand and color as it is going serve as an identity.


Website/ Blog                                                                                                              


In order to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change and customer expectations, enhancing your online image are a must. Gone are those days when customers go about from shop to shop requesting for a product or service. The internet has facilitated things nowadays and shopping has never been easier. A website is like your online brochure that best explains your product/service offer in details. There are so many reasons why a website is very vital for your business. One of which is it makes you look professional and instills trust.


Business cards:                                                                                                                     In these days where everyone carries a Smartphone and has access to internet, you may wonder if a business card is still useful. The answer is yes. A business card is a silent personal branding tool and communicator that tells someone about you and your business within a minute. Having a business card is the key to connecting with people. Given the size of a business card, you can always carry them everywhere you go for you don’t know who you will meet and where. When you meet someone new be it at a party or an event and you get to discuss, always end up giving your card to that person.   Every new acquaintance is a new sales opportunity if wisely used.


Social Media  

Social Media! Social Media! Social Media! Every individual including business now has a Facebook account/page, twitter or Instagram account. Bill Gates once said “ if your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business” If you go to Facebook, you will find more than 100 Facebook pages owned by businesses or companies. Statistics reveal that Facebook book is the most used social media platform in Cameroon followed by LinkedIn. Research proves that Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the best social media platforms where businesses can find qualified prospects.


Other Platforms include Google+, Pinterest, Viadeo and YouTube etc.  but these platforms need a lot of content marketing and management. Pinterest however mostly deals with graphics and images known as pins. For a business to successfully sell through Pinterest, it will need an experienced and professional graphic designer that will be able to transform your product benefits/solutions into picture images. Most of our clients have come from either Facebook or linkedIn due to our presence on these social media platforms. If you want to succeed as a startup, you need to be on social media. Being on social media does not only mean creating these pages, it entails managing them by constantly reminding the public you are present through your posts.


You can have an active social media present by

  • Joining groups
  • Posting daily articles or blog posts on subjects related to your field of business.
  • Comment and share your opinion on other people’s posts and reply to or like comments on your posts.
  • Share a connection’s post that you find useful and valuable.
  • Follow connections that are in the same business field as you so as to get more ideas for your business.


Marketing Piece (Flyer, Brochure, Email Blast, etc.):

Given the increase in the use of the internet, traditional marketing (offline Marketing) is gradually losing its value in business but that does not mean it’s completely useless. Engaging in social media marketing does not give room for completely ignoring traditional marketing. Combining both offline and online marketing to form an integrated marketing communication will produce twice the results compared to when just one of the above is used.

As a startup, you should have printed pieces like flyers, brochures that have a summary of your business, its products/services, necessary contact info and address.

One of the most important too is a professional email. If you are a businessman and you receive two emails with the following email addresses (a) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., which will open first? It’s obvious that the second will pick your interest more since it looks more professional.

I shared a post on “why it is vital for Cameroonian and African businesses and Professionals to have professional emails”. In this blog post, I outline the importance of having a professional email.



This is the last but not the least. Personal branding. Personal branding is defined as the act of managing the CEO of a brand called “YOU”. What do you want people to associate you with each time they hear your name? In order to successfully run a startup, you need to have reputation of being a trustworthy and reliable person. You don’t expect a fraudster to successfully run a credit union if he is well known for fraudulent activities. You need to be what  you sell. Make yourself an your interest known even before you start.


1.Websites are now the “front door” for a church. Most people will visit it before they ever step foot on your campus.

2.A professional website for a church presents the entire information( vision, mission, objectives etc.) about the church to current & future Christians in Cameroon and abroad.

3.A professionally designed website with a modern look and feel gives the partners or potential partners of the church the confidence to join the ministry & support the church from anywhere in the world.

4.A professional website tells them that the is a serious church and committed to reaching people across the world and it’s a trust worthy organization that can step up to meet the needs of God’s people.

5.A professionally designed website with an Online giving allows members to contribute even if they forget their checkbook on Sunday morning.

6.The congregation can and does fact check statements made by the pastor during the sermon.

7.Blogs allow the pastor to communicate and teach throughout the week.

8.Church announcements can be sent over the internet via emails, SMS, etc. If something happens in one church, people on the other side of the country hear about it almost immediately.

9.Instead of having their complaints contained, disgruntled church members can now send out a Facebook message or even start a blog to share their feelings with everyone.

10.Church promotion is no longer placing an ad in the local newspaper. It’s targeting ads to specific demographics and locations on Facebook.

11.Video calling using applications like Skype allows churches to remain in contact and have real-time conversations with missionaries around the world.

12.In-depth relationships may be harder to cultivate in real life due to some forming more shallow online relationships

13.Instead of needing shelves of commentaries, pastors can use Bible study helps like WORDsearch.

14.Churches and individuals can buy and download small group material online using online payments now available in Cameroon.

15.Virtually all of church history is at your finger tips, as a Google search can bring up original documents from Church Fathers, Reformers and Great Awakening evangelists.

16.Worship music is available to stream or download, giving churches access to more variety in the music they choose.

17.Teachers and preachers are forced to deal with a decreased attention span of listeners who are used to the speed of the internet.

18.You can now carry the Bible with you at all times on your smartphone through YouVersion and other Bible apps.

19.Churches have the ability to assess their progress in making disciples by using tools like Transformational Discipleship Assessment.

20.Generations raised with the internet have a broader scope of issues and often are inspired to take on and change global problems.

21.Podcasts enable the teaching ministry of a church to reach more easily into the homes of their members and benefit others around the world.

22.Using resources like Ministry Grid, training of volunteers can happen much more efficiently.

23.Social media has given a larger voice to many individuals who are not pastors or well-known leaders.

24.The phenomenon of online church has challenged pastors and theologians to consider what exactly constitutes a church.

25.Pastors and churches must deal with the permanence of the internet. A sermon from 10 years ago can be accessed and critiqued today.

26.Congregants face the distraction and opportunity of ever-present social media. They can use their phones to check sports scores or tweet a great quote from the sermon.

27.Denominational ties have weakened and other relationships strengthen as churches can find others who more closely resemble their theological convictions.

28.Churches face an additional pressure of constantly updating their website and online presence

29.Stand out of the crowd--->own a website---> help spread the gospel-->Reach out to multitude




Twitter is the second most used Social network for business After Facebook. Statistics show that twitter has more business opportunities than Facebook. A business has the possibility of attracting more prospects and engages with them on this platform than any other. The way your brand is perceived on twitter is important to the success of your business.

There are three main features of your twitter brand presence that will determine its success. Your username (twitter handle) your Profile and your Bio. Once these features are perfectly crafted out, then you will be positive of gaining a higher brand presence.

Your Username.

The most important element of your twitter brand presence is your username. It how people with interact with your business thus is very necessary to take time in choosing a user name for your twitter page. For most businesses, it very easy as you can use your business name. But what if the username you choose is not available, not descriptive or does not match?

The following tips will help you in creating a successful username on twitter.

  • If it’s a business page, make it relevant to your brand. A twitter username has a maximum of 15 characters so it is necessary to keep it short.
  • Avoid using numbers. If you find yourself I a situation where your desired user name is not available, do not add numbers to it. You can abbreviate your username or add the name of a product or service you offer to the name.
  • Avoid using underscores. (myuser_name).  People searching your business can easily forget adding an Underscore to your username when typing it since it requires pressing an extra button on the keyboard to get the underscore.  


Your Profile

Once you’ve chosen a suitable user name, your profile should be the next to consider. Your twitter profile tells the audience about you at first glance. Therefore your name, your Bio, cover image and profile picture should be able to tell people about your business. It is advisable to use your logo as your profile picture and a design for what you do as your cover image. For instance, if you run a restaurant, then your cover photo could be a combination of different dishes or a well set table. Using your logo as your profile picture will help your twitter followers to always think of your brand each time the read an interesting tweet from you.

Your Bio

Your Bio is another important aspect. Given the limited characters in writing your Bio, you are required to keep it short, simple and straight to the point. From your Bio, the visitor can easily figure out what you and always remember to include your website and professional email if you have one.


Twitter is very efficient when marketing your business via social media. Use your twitter profile to speak to the demographic you are target. Identify your most important customers and build the experience you want them to have.


WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging app available for smartphones, web browswer and now for desktops/mac PC. WhatsApp uses your device's Internet connection.


Whatsapp has taken digital world by storm. People are spending more time on Whatsapp than they actually do on social media. It is a viral medium of sending a message across. As it supports exchange of multi-media, it is a very interactive way of communication. It will also help in creating in sustainable relationships with customers, as online grievances can be handled in near real-time.


During the 2014 general elections in India, Whatsapp was aggressively used as a campaigning tool by some political parties. The impact was huge, as the parties could deliver their message to public overnight.

The same marketing strategy is being used by digital marketing experts to cash in the popularity of Whatsapp and turn it into an effective marketing tool.

Marketing is one of the most important concepts of all businesses whether small or big. In order to reach your targeted audience you need to adopt the right marketing methodology which is not only effective but guarantees results as well. 

In the world of digitization, the business owners are adopting a variety of marketing mantras to reach the people. Out of which WhatsApp has emerged as one of the widely popular platform. It is because of the simple reason that you are able to connect with your customers personally and establish a relationship with them.


You might be wondering as how this platform will be useful for your business or how you can integrate it for better marketing and communication. Do want to know more about WhatsApp marketing, here are the answers to all your questions

  • Connect with your existing customers

You have already done business with them! they will be more open to accepting a new product/service from your brand and connecting with them is a great idea. How can you do that? You can start by providing after sales services and support services to your products/services. You can as well start sending promotional messages as well.

  • WhatsApp groups are useful

Whatsapp Group for your customers isnt a good idea but a more general group targeting not only your customers but lovers, enthusiasts, fans, followers or people who want to be informed about certain issues that relate to your products or services. For Instance, a beauty shop or saloon instead creating a group for her customers will instead create a general whatsapp group that gives tips, techniques and general info about beautify, health, nutrition, etc. And on a daily basis through blogs, youtube, facebook, instagram provide short and interesting titles of articles written on the blog or youtube via the whatsapp group. This also works for businesses like mobile phones and computer retailers who might create a " general group for mobile phones and computer users" give free tips, tricks, free computer/mobile phone apps or software, etc. H

  • Promotion with WhatsApp

Promotions via whatsapp can be very effective if done the right way and can land you daily sales. How? You have a product or service on promotion, you either use your company logo or the product or service image as your profile picture, you can as well change your whatsapp status describing the promotion, etc. All of these will generate interest and garners the attention of your prospects or customers. Next, you can start sending pictures or videos of your product/service to your customers privately  or in groups . However, make sure your picture or video is always accompanied by an appropriate text which describes the product or service in short.


  • When to interact with the customers?

How often do you need to send messages or promotions? The best way to answer this question is to think about how often you would love to get messages from your friends( contact list) on promotions you are not interested in!  Its very critical because you do not want to send your customers into hiding by bombarding them with incessant promotional messages. The next thing they will probably do is block you! Sending a message or two, once a week should be enough. However, you can increase the frequency if you share a good rapport with your customer.


social media marketing in Cameroon

Whatsapp is definitely a cost effective, speedy and reliable tool for marketing your product. However, you should know how to intelligently use its features to your benefit.

Whether you're just getting started or need to take your business to the next level digital marketing with strategies like social media marketing and related is the best you can invest in today.

VTC Cameroon specialize in training and helping our clients to use social media in building, connecting, engaging, influencing and converting their fans into customers and brand influencers.  Find out more here or href="intent://send/0123456789#Intent;scheme=smsto;package=com.whatsapp;action=android.intent.action.SENDTO;end">


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