But they’re easy to do, aren’t they?.


Surely that won’t take more than a week. Oh – did I mention the custom shopping cart and online payment system I need?” If you’re hoping to get a new all-singing, all-dancing website, here’s why it may easily take 1-3 months before your customers or partners will get to see it:
"That is not true! I have read on the internet a company said they will design me a website and host it the same day..."

Come to think of this; did the company tell you the kind of website they will develop for you? Did you give them a list of things you will love your website to have or look like? 

"How Quickly Can you design our website?"
With every project we get, we're always asked how soon it can be done. This is a tough question to answer usually - not that we don't know... we know. The tough part is explaining how it'll take time and see how a client might look disappointed when we say the project will take 2-3 months or more (I'll explain why that's true below). It's not fun to burst someone's bubble but to do a project right, you can't rush it or skip steps.

If we tell our clients the entire web design process seriously they might feel discouraged. 

The Question inside the question is " WHY ARE YOU TAKING SO LONG TO FINISH OUR WEBSITE"

Simplest Answer is " The Brief Wasnt well done". 

Web Design breif 

From the VTC Cameroon's point of view, the brief is typically our first contact with the project or even with you our clients. It is also usually the most important step for both parties since everything discussed here will influence the end result. This is why the client must make sure to provide the clearest and most detailed brief possible.

The purpose of the brief is to convey an accurate project definition to VTC Cameroon. Our clients needs to explain their business, their target audience and the goals of the website – is it to wow a young visitor with exciting imagery and modern videos? Or is its function to allow no-nonsense online shopping for an average parent?

With the help of the VTC Cameroon, they need to define technical specifications – should the website be optimized for a certain resolution or browser? What kind of mobile version do they need? Would responsive design suffice?

Also during the brief, the client can present the content and resources that will be available to the agency during the rest of the process. Resources can include fonts, images, while content can include anything from product descriptions to articles, videos and so on that must be given at the very begining of the project.

Based on all this information, VTC Cameroon can come to a conclusion regarding the project timeline, including any milestones and deadlines, and the estimated budget required to implement all the client’s needs.

We emphasize again that this is a critical step as it forms the foundation on which all the subsequent design and development work is based on. A poor or incomplete brief can lead to an unsatisfactory result, which will in turn lead to further web design costs and delays.

Do you understand now why perhaps your website project was delayed or is delaying? if not then see below

  1.  You perhaps didnt give all the functions, features or they way you want your website to be design or look like to VTC Cameroon
  2. You had a budget which normally isnt the right budget for the project yet you are not considerate
  3. Most Web development agencies always want to work with their clients to satisfy their needs but fail to also know that these needs include time
  4. Communication and feeback or reviews are often not immediate. In many cases our clients take up to 24hours to respond so that automatically increases the overall time to deliver.


The reasons are so many but here is what VTC Cameroon does to make sure our clients get their services or products on time, qaulity and taste.

  1. No matter the budget we go ahead to hire extra resources like human resources and more
  2. We keep in contact with our clients via various  platforms
  3. We try to explain to our clients our services which has we have tuned to solutions we proposed these solutions based on the problems we have identified and expect our clients to provide budgets for that.
  4. We expect our clients to trust us in delivering qaulity first rathan hurriedly give them what they want( even though there are just one of the thousands of website visitors)


Our Worst Enemy

I think our worst enemy are those TV commercials and ads you see showing how you just drag and drop items and your website is done in just a few steps. These commercials falsely set the expectation that a website can be done in just a day or two. Of course, those tools do work but you're not getting what you think you're getting. I think one of the worst jobs out there would be working at the support desk of one of those companies and dealing with calls of upset clients wondering why they're not getting tons of business from that cheap/free website. How do you reason with an angry customer like that when your own company already set the wrong expectations? They then are trained to get you to upgrade and sell you packages that build upon the poor foundation of a website that they've set up.


If you want a good website, it's not done in a few clicks in a few days especially when all is not set for it. 

If you want a good website, it's not done in a few clicks. If you think you can get a great website done in just a few clicks that puts you ahead of your competition and grow your business and it's all done for free or very cheap, then please go ahead and do that - you are not a client for us and we wish you well.

You get what you pay for with website design. Go cheap and you get cheap.