As one of VTC Cameroon's goals this 2016, we aim at helping SME and corporations to market their products/services via the digital platforms.
This year, adding to previous negotiations and tasks completed by VTC Cameroon for L'Atrium we are set to help both L'Atrium and the entire Douala or beyond
experience new shopping experiences that have never been seen in Cameroon.


VTC Cameroon to work with SME/Corporations helping them to communicate effectively with their audiences, to reach and maintain a substantial digital presence.


IMC imageAs a marketing and communication partner , VTC Cameroon has a marketing team headed by our strategic marketer and customer relations manager, Marlyse N. who upon joining the team has been prepared to deliver geuirella integrated marketing and communication strategies for the entire shopping mall.

VTC Cameroon is constantly innovating by indepth research and planning-execution and we calling on all SME/Corporations to get in touch with VTC Cameroon for we have giant Marketing Opportunity You're Missing which is basically to new Customers, rebrand your entire business and Boost Your Sales this 2016

Let's create a strategy that turns millions of Cameroonians into your customers.

Let's discuss your marketing goals: 237 675 268 890 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.