AS a marketer, Prospection is an obligation. Prospection refers to the search and acquisition of new customer/buyers for your product or service. However, getting these prospects to become actual buyers is never easy.

You are always faced with objections and handling these objections is not a cup of tea. This article highlights 5 types of customer objections marketers are likely to face during prospection. It equally goes further to suggest strategies on how to handle these customer objections.

The Flat No Objection


This is the type of objection where just from the beginning of your presentation, the prospect already gives a definite NO answer. He or she has no interest in the product or service and does not give you the room to show him/her the benefits your product/services can offer.


Overcoming such an objection and changing the person’s mind is usually difficult. With such a prospect, the best thing to do is let them be. They already have a negative mindset and lack of interest towards your offer.

The Didn’t Fit Objection


This is a type of objection where the prospect once used the product or services but didn’t get the satisfaction they expected. This is the worst type of objection you can get from a customer.  Getting someone to try a product or service for the first time is easier than convincing someone who has had a bad experience with the product to trust it again. There’s nothing worse than an unsatisfied customer


The customer might get a bad experience as a result of using your product/service or that of your competitor.

When the bad experience is as a result of using that of your competitor, make them understand the value and benefits of using your product over those of your competitors. You can go an extra mile to offer them a free product or service. When customers get a free offer and it meets their expectation, they will likely buy from you.

When the bad experience is as result of using your product. Tell them the improved qualities of the new product. Make them understand that due to numerous customer dissatisfaction, your company took the challenge of improving quality to further meet their needs and expectations. Equally give them a free offer to experience the change in the quality of the product or service you offer.

One Important point to note, always gather feedback. It will help you in your next objection handling situation.

The too Expensive Objection


This is the most common reason prospects always give for not being able to make a purchase. Your offer is good but the price is too high. I can’t afford that amount right now and many others.

With such an objection, there’s hope of closing a sale. The prospect shows interest in your product/service but due to price, they can’t make a purchase.


With such an objection, do not immediately lower the value of your offer by lowering your price. It gives the impression that your offer was not worth the price you first mentioned, all you wanted was to land a high sale. You can handle such an objection by;

.Outlining the Benefits of your offer compared to that of competitors

.Offering a payment plan. Like install mental payments instead of bulk payment

.Make them a combination offer by adding an extra product/ service to the original  product. For instance, if you’re trying to sell a pair of shoe, you may offer a shoe  polish for free to accompany the purchase. 

The Not At the Time Objection


With this form of rejection, the customer has a little interest but has no use for the product at the moment. There is high possibility of a future purchase if the marketer plays her part well.


Handling such an objection is quite the easiest of all. All you need to do is request for the prospects contact, maybe email or phone. The purpose for this is to send reminder emails, SMS or phone calls to the prospect to secure a position for your product or service.

Note: Make sure you have the prospect’s permission and approval to send these messages and mails. Without this, the prospect may sue you for harassment or privacy intrusion. In order words, tell them your purpose for collecting their contacts.

The W’ve Already Got A supplier Objection


This type of objection is not also easy to overcome especially if the customer is being given a lot of benefits by his current supplier. Most people are adamant to change and prefer to stick to the current which satisfies them rather than trying new ones which might disappoint them.


How to overcome such an objection requires a lot of effort and research.  You can go further by researching on the current supplier, what they offer and why the customer prefers them. Once all this information is gotten, make an offer, a unique sales proposition that differentiates your product or service from that of your competitor. These may include

  • After sale services like maintenance and delivery
  • Free staff training on the use of your product or service

In conclusion, objection during prospection is inevitable. With the right strategy implemented and adequate feedback collected, you can turn a doubtful prospect to a loyal customer.