Twitter is the second most used Social network for business After Facebook. Statistics show that twitter has more business opportunities than Facebook. A business has the possibility of attracting more prospects and engages with them on this platform than any other. The way your brand is perceived on twitter is important to the success of your business.

There are three main features of your twitter brand presence that will determine its success. Your username (twitter handle) your Profile and your Bio. Once these features are perfectly crafted out, then you will be positive of gaining a higher brand presence.

Your Username.

The most important element of your twitter brand presence is your username. It how people with interact with your business thus is very necessary to take time in choosing a user name for your twitter page. For most businesses, it very easy as you can use your business name. But what if the username you choose is not available, not descriptive or does not match?

The following tips will help you in creating a successful username on twitter.

  • If it’s a business page, make it relevant to your brand. A twitter username has a maximum of 15 characters so it is necessary to keep it short.
  • Avoid using numbers. If you find yourself I a situation where your desired user name is not available, do not add numbers to it. You can abbreviate your username or add the name of a product or service you offer to the name.
  • Avoid using underscores. (myuser_name).  People searching your business can easily forget adding an Underscore to your username when typing it since it requires pressing an extra button on the keyboard to get the underscore.  


Your Profile

Once you’ve chosen a suitable user name, your profile should be the next to consider. Your twitter profile tells the audience about you at first glance. Therefore your name, your Bio, cover image and profile picture should be able to tell people about your business. It is advisable to use your logo as your profile picture and a design for what you do as your cover image. For instance, if you run a restaurant, then your cover photo could be a combination of different dishes or a well set table. Using your logo as your profile picture will help your twitter followers to always think of your brand each time the read an interesting tweet from you.

Your Bio

Your Bio is another important aspect. Given the limited characters in writing your Bio, you are required to keep it short, simple and straight to the point. From your Bio, the visitor can easily figure out what you and always remember to include your website and professional email if you have one.


Twitter is very efficient when marketing your business via social media. Use your twitter profile to speak to the demographic you are target. Identify your most important customers and build the experience you want them to have.