Web Application

We assist organizations in Cameroon to achieve total operational efficiency and independence through our intuitive custom web applications. Our technology stack includes the newest technologies such as PostgreSQL, Python, MongoDB, Angular, React, Node.js, etc. We strive for efficiency in our custom web applications by subjecting them to accepted design standards and testing. In this way, we deliver our clients dependable web applications that can be up and running from day one of implementation. The follow up of agile practices ensure that the projects are delivered to our clients within the stipulated time and budget. Maximizing capability is one of our key priorities with the web applications that we develop for our clients. VTC Web Application services extend globally with a wide array of satisfied client base who use our custom web applications to tackle their own business challenges and needs. Talk to our solution consultants about your requirement to understand how we can help bring your ideas to life.


Enterprise systems

We create order-, asset-, and process management systems, as well as other web-based enterprise apps that become an intrinsic part of your business workflow. Thanks to the intuitive UI and stable operation of our enterprise web apps, your staff will find more comfort in completing their daily activities, while you will enjoy their boosted performance.


To improve the online presence of your business, we create e-shops and B2B ecommerce portals, implement cashback services, develop booking and payment systems. We, at VTC Cameroon, offer budget friendly E-Commerce solutions that can be availed in a wide range of options. As a professional web design company, we render the best solutions for E-Commerce Website Designing in Cameroon.

Industry specific business solutions

Our rich industry knowledge in Cameroon allows us to deliver solutions that solve business challenges in healthcare, school, banking, retail, and manufacturing. Working closely with the customers, VTC Cameroon define their needs and devise effective automation tool concepts. Our designers and developers are the ones who implement these concepts and integrate them with existing systems.

The Benefits of Using Web Applications

Web applications provide business and customers with a huge range of benefits compared to non-Web based applications:


  • By opting to launch your project as a Web application (as opposed to a desktop application), you immediately make it accessible to a mass audience – an audience that is simply defined as people with Internet access and a modern Internet browser.


  • Web applications are much easier to update than their desktop counterparts. To update a Web application, the amendments only need to be made to one place: the server on which the Web application runs. To update a Desktop application, however, is a much more complicated task: patches need to be developed, tested and finally distributed to each and every one of the end users of the application.


  • Relative to conventional websites, a Web application is more likely to score better on the basis of receiving return visitors. The logic is simple: a Web application is more interactive than a brochure site, so users are more likely to return to use it a second time and to check for updates.

Having a set of web applications customized to meet unique business requirements can act as valuable assets to an organization that fosters growth in valuation and intellectual property in the long term.