Web Maintenance

Keeping your website up and running can often be one of the biggest challenges you face, which is where our web maintenance services come in. Whether you need support for your content management system, security or accessibility updates or just having professional help on hand to guide you through the everyday housekeeping tasks of web maintenance, our VTC expert, support team based in Douala - Cameroon can provide all the support you need.

Website Maintenance Services

We offer a wide range of web maintenance services at a variety of a platforms to suit your needs and budget.

  • Security updates and security auditing
  • Backups and redundancy to minimise downtime
  • SEO updates and SEO auditing - also take a look at our complete SEO services
  • Content management system updates and support
  • eCommerce management including online shop help, payment integration and general management
  • Web application support including usability, training and mobile or social applications
  • ...and much more!

As Your Business Changes And Grows

So Should Your Website.

While the purpose remains the same: to build awareness or sell a product, your site cannot sit still. We’re frequently surprised at how often a carefully-designed website looks and feels the same six months or even a year later. For a site to be successful, you can’t forget about it and focus all of your attention elsewhere on marketing the business. Potential customers only spend a few seconds browsing your site before they decide to move on and established customers want a reliable online experience every time they log in. A stale and stagnant site is sure to lead your consumers straight into the arms of the competition.