Our Group; The VTC Group

The VTC Group

VTC Group

Visionary Technologies™ Company  GROUP or VTC GROUP is a holding company that is made up a group of companies that

align business strategy,

Marketing Strategy and

Customer experience

using digital technologies to build new or improve existing products and services across Africa & other developing countries.

 "We use advanced technology to answer a societal or industrial and business challenge"


 We do this by; 

  1. identifying business and community( societal) challenges 
  2. Constinous Research and development (R&D)
  3. Strategic partnership with key stakeholders

VTC Group is involved in different

Sectors and industries

  • Technology( VTC Cameroon)
  • Recruitment & Personnel Placement( Jobbolo SARL )
  • Retail, Shopping & General Commerce( AGORA Commerce)
  • Transport & Logistics or delivery
  • Real Estate & Hospitality

VTC Group currently has as companies and brands

  • VTC Cameroon(SARL) -www.vtc.cm
  • AGORA Commerce( SARL) -wwww.agora.cm 
  • Jobbolo SARL( SARL) www.jobbolo.cm
  • Others

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