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VTC At a Glance

Visionary Technologies ™ Company (VTC) is an innovation-centered technology startup and firm that designs, develops, and coordinates digital technology solutions that solve real societal, industrial & business challenges.

Founded in the city of buea (nicknamed silicon mountain), and operations were later moved to Douala, Cameroon since then;

Facts About VTC

  • VTC has already helped more than a dozen companies in Cameroon to attract more customers and through our website creation and development services.
  • VTC Digital Marketing solutions have enabled more than three dozen small and medium-sized businesses, particularly in Douala – Cameroon, to have a digital presence at the height of their brand.
  • Up to five (05) subsidiaries of multinationals in Cameroon use our Professional email services to keep in touch with their suppliers, employees, customers, partners, etc. This results in improved productivity and lower costs for their businesses.
  • VTC has been nominated & has won upto (five ) awards both locally & internationally

What we do


VTC Cameroon provides simple as well as advanced services that assist our clients drive revenues, reduce expenses also mitigate risk in their businesses. We do this by providing the following services;

  • Professional Web design, Custom Web application development, Web site /app maintenance
  • Custom & open source software development & customization, Digital Marketing services
  • As well as graphic design services.

We also provide Network installation service, Computer setup maintenance, IT equipment supply, Strategic IT consultancy. We have assisted over 500 clients with one or more of our services over 5 years and working with dozens of clients both in Cameroon & abroad daily.

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VTC’Shop is whole sale & retail shop that sells high quality laptops, desktops, phones and all IT equipment’s as well as home or office gadgets with their accessories through physical shops as well as online in Cameroon & other CEMAC countries.

We have been operating online, have served over 5000 clients and have plans to open ultramodern shops/show rooms & warehouses in the cities Of Douala & YaoundeE. we have strategic partnerships with manufacturers abroad & a few wholesalers in Cameroon for Brands like Apple, Samsung, and Cisco.

We provide our clients with the best products at affordable prices as well as assist them in the installation, guide & maintenance.

Looking for any laptop, smartphone, accessories or IT Equipment and electronic gadgets in Cameroon? Reach us through chat.vtc.cm or +237 675 268 890 with the specifications.

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We support 1000 + businesses & organizations with our Cloud & Dedicated Professional Web hosting, domain name, Professional Email, SSL Security services in Cameroon & a few abroad. Our customer service is 24/7 dedicated to assisting our clients all through the processes providing excellent customer experiences. We have dedicated & cloud hosting servers located in the United States of Africa under the brand name HostamNow. Kindly visit www.hostamnow.com or call/whatsapp +237 675 268 890 or email: info(@)hostamnow.com for more information.

We have plans to operate a datacenter , research & development laboratory in Cameroon. Our aim with this will be to Our mission is to understand, build and deploy innovative solutions to address core opportunities in Africa and help to solve local challenges at scale but which will create a more productive future globally.

We're open for partnerships & investments in this project. For more information, kindly reach us by email: francfon(@)vtc.cm

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With close to a dozen of clients currently testing, we have;

SIMS® Scholar Information Management System. A free learning & school information management system designed to provide school continuality especially in times of crisis.

BIMS® Business Information Management System, An AI Powered ERP that accurately eliminate manual, time-consuming, labor-intensive processes, control your expenditures/reduce other costs, improve your team performances and ultimately meet clients expectation efficiently. With modules like Human Resource, Inventory, Sales & Marketing, Purchase, Finance & Accounting, Customer Relationship, Management(CRM),Engineering/ Production, Supply Chain Management (SCM)

RIMS® Recruitment Information Management System is solution conceived to assist SMEs & organizations handle their recruitment and hiring needs. RIMS® effortlessly helps you attract, engage, and hire the top talent.

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Bring your ideas to life by acquiring a name & space for your business in Cameroon with our domain name, webhosting, professional email, SSL Security services

people's review

K Louisa

It was amazing working with the team, they delivered on time. Gave me more insight on what I wanted to do. And always available whenever I need them to do something. Thank you.

Aimé Babi

Working with Visionary Technology Company has not only been an awesome career experience but also a hands-on business experience. Being part of the top 10 digital marketing agencies in Cameroon has not only nourished me with valuable digital marketing skills but has also helped me to start my own lead generation agency.

Afri Nectar Pty Ltd

Afri Nectar LLC is a registered company in the state of Wyoming USA with a branch in Manzini registered as Afri Nectar Pty Ltd. We want to tell you this, we have worked with Visionary Technologies a patented software development company in The Cameroons. They are good with what they do as a company. Try them today, and you will never look back!


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