What many beginners fail to realize is that buying a domain name is just the first piece of their online presence puzzle. Without web site hosting, registering domain names will serve no purpose.Thus Having a web hosting account is as necessary to getting started as a domain name.

Domain names have to point to a web host, where the actual files of your web site live. If you don’t have a hosting account, your domain name won’t be able to load your web site and your visitors will never be able to purchase your product because they’ll never see it.

Making the right web hosting decision can be a challenge.
One of the worst mistakes you can make is to choose a web hosting provider at random.
While there are limitless hosting options available, it’s usually not necessary to purchase anything too fancy.
You can get a good hosting account with all the features you need for a very affordable price.

Everyone that has a website needs web hosting for the following reasons:

  • A web hosting company makes it possible for your site to be accessed by everyone else.

        You can make the best website anyone’s ever seen sitting at your own computer but unless
        you upload that website to a hosting server it will never be accessible to everyone else.

  • Web hosting brings a lot of advantages and plays an important role in enhancing trustworthiness and integrity of the company.

         An active online presence potrays the legal status of a company or business there by                    creating trust in the mind of potential customers. This tend to attract more and more                    potential customers that ultimately results in great returns and revenue.

  • Web hosting facilitates you to own a portion in internet.

         In this space you can keep your web site,
         files, and documents and accept messages form your clients through mail.
         You can represent your business in front of your customers through this space.

  • Hosting limits your business risk by
    Keeping capital on hand for “rainy days”
    Allowing you to quickly and efficiently change plans
    Guaranteeing your stay online
    Implementing your solution quickly
    Placing your focus back on growing your business
    Giving you a latitude to pursue new revenue-generating ventures


As earlier mentioned,"One of the worst mistakes you can make is to choose a web hosting provider at random".

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