I am just starting up my business and my company is still very small and young . Do I need a website?

In today's world of business, if you're going to start a business with international clients like those you intend to have, having a website and good web presence is a must. And if you're going to have a website and good web presence, you need to have a professional website( website that opens on mobile phones, Desktops, Tablets, etc.; loads faster, user-friendly, reflects what you do, portray all services and related).

A professionally designed website with a modern look and feel gives your customers and partners the confidence to do business with you. A professional website tells them that you are running a professional company with professional services, management , etc. and can step up to meet their needs and last but not the least a professional website has a great content that ranks well in search. Otherwise, people won't be able to discover your services online.

Translation: You will be leaving potential money on the table.
No ambitious manager, director, entrepreneur, intrapreneur wants to do that.
We believe a successful Web site is about marketing, generating revenue, and maximizing brand equity.